Free Range Beef


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Aberdeen Angus.



Angus Herd Bull “Buttercup”

These animals are 100% grass fed and free range.
Hormone and antibiotic free.
Pastured on fields that are pesticide free.

Finished on alfalfa harvested at Folded Hills for 30 days for marbling
(minimum to achieve optimum flavour)
Hung for a minimum of 14 days.
Weights are based on either:
1) the hanging (rail) weight, which is the weight of the carcass when it is
first hung to dry age with bones in and trim on and before it is cut into
steaks, roasts, etc.,
2) Final cut/wrapped/frozen take home weight, Depending on the package that
is ordered.
The price to the customer, whether by hanging weight or take home weight,
includes the $0.75lb cutting and wrapping (to customer order). $30.00
Environmental fee (disposal of waste) $150/animal butchering fee (recently
raised as a result of substantial capital investment by Rod Plecas Livestock
Service (established 1962) to meet the B.C. Meat inspection regulations. The
abattoir is now fully inspected and certified. Pioneer Gulf Island Farm
founded 1885 and always holistically managed has always dealt with the
CutsTake home weight is 56-66% of hanging weight depending on how you choose to
get it cut and what is included.
Sides and quarters – contain a similar range of cuts from both the front and
back of the animal.
You must take all of the meat but, if requested, an order form will be
provided on which you can indicate preferences including:
ratio stir fry to stewing to hamburger.
ratio roasts to steaks and size/thickness.
Freezer packs – sold out for Spring 2014
Half Beef: $4.80 lb. average carcass weight 260 lb. and take home average of
160lb – SOLD OUT SPRING 2014
Quarter Beef: $5.00 lb. average carcass weight 130lb and $8.00 lb. take home weight average of 80lb